Curcumin Targets Cancer Pathways!

Curcumin is a compound found in turmeric root that is extremely impressive!!!

Just look that the inflammatory markers curcumin brings down! If you’ve gotten a Greek Test, you will see categories for MMP-2, NF-kB, COX-2 and some others that are maybe colored red or in the over expressed zone. Curcumin can help bring down inflammation and bring those markers back to the normal range.

Tumor Suppressor Genes-When a person has cancer their tumor suppressor genes can be suppressed. That means these gene like PTEN, Rb, and P53 can’t help stop cancer like normal. Curcumin helps activate them and restore normal function and they can protect the body once again.

Growth signaling factors– In cancer these are in overdrive creating signals that say grow, proliferate, invade! You want to suppress that action except for P21 and P27 which are protective.

Apototic Genes-Apotosis, that means cancer cell death! You want that!! In the Apoptotic Gene section here are genes that suppress apoptosis (cell death) or promote it. Survivin is just like it sounds, it tries to help the cancer cell survive. You want to suppress that so that the cell can die! On the other hand Bax is known as cell death regulator and Bax activators are being studied for cancer treatments. You want to increase Bax expression!

Transcription Factors– These are proteins that regulate the expression of genes within the cell and control cell behavior. Often these are turned on in cancer cells so they need suppressed. When the transcription factors are off, a cancer cell will usually stop growing or begin to die. Curcumin raises GADD153 protein and causes curcumin-induced apoptosis and also Nrf2 .

Oncoproteins– These are proteins encoded by oncogenes which are involved in the regulation or synthesis of proteins linked to cancer tumor cell growth.

Protein Kinases-D- These can cause amplification or misregulation of gene expression. Kinases are central for the survival and spread of cancer cells AMPK activation is protective of cancer.

SO IN OTHER WORDS, CURCUMIN IS WONDERFUL!!! Unless you’re on a blood thinner…it does thin blood!