Natural Compounds that Target Cancer!

If you’ve read cancer survivor Jane McClelland’s book How to Starve Cancer this post will make sense and I highly recommend the book!

If you haven’t read the book, Jane has made a map of natural substances and off label drugs that starve cancer cells of fuel by blocking sugar (glucose), fatty acids (fat), and an amino acid (glutamine).

After reading her book I wondered if there were plant substances that worked the same way?

I spend weeks researching and documenting plant compounds and pathways and when finished, I added additional amino acids in the blue box that were also associated with cancer cell growth and remedied by diet.

Glutamine side of the triangle; those that know my story will know that the best way I have found to block glutamine is diet. No drugs could control my symptoms of excess glutamate consumption that food additives and food processing caused.

Certain food additives are sky high in free glutamate (the kind caused by heating or degrading a protein) which causes nerves to rapid fire AND also fuels cancer cells. These additives can even be found in organic products under certain names like “natural flavors”, guar gum, xanthan gum, and more. Go to my Hidden Names for MSG list, for high glutamate additives to avoid.

Wheat and diary are two foods that are high in bound glutamate, the natural unprocessed normally not harmful form. People tend to have large quantity of dairy and wheat in their diets, so removing those two can really put a dent in the amount of glutamate consumed!

On to the glucose side of the triangle I noticed something interesting; there are compounds in carrots that block sugar. COOL!

That might explain the drop in Casey’s blood sugar. It was 110 FASTING prior to diet change before his diagnosis. After being on Square One for a while and eating 5 lbs. carrots, one bunch celery and smoothie a day, his NON-fasting blood sugar was 70! Notice apigenin (celery) is on the sugar blocking side as well, and many other substances he consumes.

Finally in a collaborative effort Chris Wark ( and I got this chart finished, polished up, and ready to be displayed to the masses!

Can food really be that powerful?? YES!

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