"This and your advice has transformed my life. While it's still early I already feel so much better!! You helped me with my painful and debilitating gerd with the nutricology pancreas pills too! It couldn't have come at a better time--Thanksgiving. I have not had excruciating pain from gerd since taking them!! Nor have they triggered any headaches! This is incredible for me as each supplement in the past would make me feel unwell.  You have not only helped me but because of you I am a better mother and wife to my family. I cannot thank you enough."

"I had a meeting at the school today and the teachers have asked what we are doing different because my son has been on top of things lately.. ( his pediatrician diagnosed him with ADHD) He refuses to take the meds.. (don't blame him) anyways... since we have watched labels ( your book) and started cooking organic I think it is finally kicking in!! He still cheats once in awhile but I really think it is helping him:) thanks again.. thought I would share it with you "

"I've had migraines for many many years, cervical, thoracic & lumbar problems, fibromyalgia, chronic bronchitis, fatigue, muscle, tendon, ligament pain, memory loss (but some memory loss is from decreased estrogen from a hysterectomy), digestive problems, IBS, Insomnia(very bad), depression, anxiety........An I could go on & on about my health issues.  But your book makes perfect sense & I know the more I read it the more sense it'll make!! 

"This book has changed my life for the better! I have suffered from migraines since I was a toddler. Excruciating and debilitating pain has been a constant for my entire life. I have seen numerous doctors (neurologists, migraine specialists, chiropractors, dieticians, functional medicine doctors, etc. etc.) all to no avail. While I knew that MSG was a trigger I did not know ALL of the many names it had nor did I know how prevalent it is in restaurants. This book gave me valuable information of which I will be FOREVER grateful. On a side note, I have also suffered (5 years) from GERD that had actually turned into Barrett's esophagus and this book helped alleviate that pain too! Jodi is a blessing and I am so, so fortunate that she decided to share her knowledge with the world."

"I have been battling chronic migraines since I was 19. (That was 25+ years ago 😉 ) Although I was aware that MSG could be a trigger... I had no idea that it fell under so many names or the extent to which it has infiltrated our food system. This book has rocked my world (in a good way) and I very much appreciate Jodi sharing her story! There are so many references and links ... I spent the majority of my weekend reading and learning! This book has inspired me to set new goals for myself, my family and our farm." 

"A must read! My daughter has been sick

for months. We changed her diet and it is working!"

"This book has been so helpful to me and my family! A few years ago, I ran into to Jodi, suffering from some of the same health issues (without any real answers). Back then, I was unpleasantly surprised, to find out just how chemically enhanced our food supply was. Now, Jodi's personal adventures, have also helped me to understand how/why certain people my be more susceptible. She offers a lot of professional and accredited information with a very realistic yet somewhat comical attitude. It is well blended, and although there is some medical jargon, it is easy reading for the average person. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so I'll just say good reading and "happy ending". Thanks for taking time out of your busy, healthy life to write this book Jodi!"