How to Sprout!

Step 1 Purchase Organic Broccoli Sprout seeds!
Soak seeds in water for about 6 hours
Attach drain lid, drain the sprouts and store at a slant as shown below. I made this drain lid out of cross-stitch sheeting I found in the craft section of Walmart. Use a metal canning ring for tracing the shape, cut then screw it on the jar.
This is what it looks like on day 1. Rinse twice a day and replace to slanted position.
Day 4-5 should look like this! Drain and store upright in the fridge or freeze for smoothies to increase the sulforaphane content. Consuming with mustard also raises sulforaphane levels! We use mustard for salad dressing.

This is also a great way to get Indole-3 carbinol!