Find out what's causing your MIGRAINES and CHRONIC PAIN!


Commonly found in food additives and fragrance.  These make nerves rapid fire!

 Especially where you already have nerve damage!

MSG is an excitotoxin that can be found hiding in over 70 different ingredient names like "natural flavors," anything "protein" or "hydrolyzed " and more. ...

Many neurological drugs are glutamate blockers!

Glutamate is an excitotoxin that can be reduced with diet change.

 Many of the drugs have terrible side effects.

Doesn't it make sense to avoid excess glutamate!

Got ADD/ADHD, Insomnia or any other neurological disorder?

Does it make sense to be eating neurotoxins?

Answer: NO!

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About Me

What happened??

I used to be "normal".  Just an average American eating the typical standard American diet (SAD and isn't it lol?)

 I worked in the medical field and my typical diet included cafeteria food and microwaved meals, sometimes even cooked  in styrofoam, gasp!  I frequently stopped at Taco Bell on the way home from work. I enjoyed healthy food but  I HATED to cook!

Eventually that caught up with me and I found myself seriously unwell and no one from our "medical system" could help. I had extreme migraines, chronic pain and many other neurologic symptoms (insomnia, anxiety, TMJ, restless leg).

I saw 19 doctors and racked up $70,000 in medical expenses trying to find the CAUSE of my suffering.

It was EXCITOTOXINS!  These are substances that make nerves rapid fire, often in processed foods as food additives and also synthetic scent like perfume and dryer sheets.


 To help others find the CAUSE of their medical problems and find health through real food and the elimination of toxins.

To avocate for:

Medical freedom

Non industry funded science and clinical trials

Sustainable agriculture and finding a safety net for conventional farmers to transition over to organic crops.

Health insurance to cover holistic care.

Local fundraisers to cover holistic cancer care such as the Greek Test, Circulation Tumor Cell tests,  IV C, juicers, organic produce,  supplements etc.

Adventures with Jodi Book!


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The true inspiring story of my recovery from migraines, chronic pain, and many other neurological symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia and the positive effects diet change had on my children and husband as well.

This is a small book, but it's jam packed with information.  I wrote it because I had many people wanting help and telling my story over and over was taking up a lot of my family time.

 The reason why it's so expensive is because it's self published which is very costly, especially with color pictures.  It is near impossible to get a book deal in today's world and I had to save every penny I had AND drive a car with a dent in it  to be able to get my information to the world BUT I was going to do it if it was the last thing I did!  I can't stand the thought of someone else suffering like I did and not being able to find help within the conventional medicine module.

If you love the book and it has helped you please leave a review on Amazon.  Good reviews direct others in need of this information! You do not have to purchase from there to leave a review.