Fisetin is REALLY Impressive!

Fisetin is a compound found in strawberries, apples, grapes, persimmon, onion and cucumber. It’s been shown to have a lot of anti-cancer properties.

Here are highlights from a recent article!

Fisetin protects against chemically induced lung cancer! Researchers used Benzo(a)Pyrene (a carcinogenic (PAH) present in emission exhausts, grilled meat and cigarette smoke) to induce lung cancer and found when fisetin was added it reduced histological lesions!

Hey prostate cancer people; its a POTENT inhibitor of prostate cancer cell growth. It affects the androgen receptor signaling pathway leading to growth inhibition and lowered PSA!!!!

It has synergy with conventional treatment! It’s effective for drug resistant pancreatic cancer and sarcoma cells and enhances doxorubicin uptake into the cells for treatment. It’s also

Melanoma friends; it overrides MITF in melanoma! Regulator of invasiveness and aggression of melanoma. Described in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology as a fist to melanoma!!!!

Just look at all the anti-cancer mechanisms fisetin has below!

Affects cell division and mitotic spindles
Down regulates WNT B-Catenin pathway
Activates P53 (tumor suppressor gene)
Down regulates MTOR
Increases glutathione and protects from glutamate.
anti-angiogenic (stops blood vessel supply to tumor)
Activates PTEN (tumor suppressor gene)
Inhibits COX2 (inflammatory)
Inhibits NF-kB (inflammatory)
Inhibits Topoisimerase II (essential for DNA reproduction)
Potent in inhibitor of MMP (causes cancer progression).
Targets Aurura B kinase a novel direct target of fisetin (progression)
And more!

It’s neuroprotective, enhances long term memory and
reduces behavioral deficits after stroke!

What food contains the most fisetin??????

Strawberries at 160 ug/g, and to reach therapeutic levels, the dosage is about 37 strawberries per day!

Apples had the next highest amount at 26.9 ug/g.