Health Coaching!

It’s official! I have been doing health coaching for select people and am now able to take on more clients!

Here are ways that I can help you or your family!

Migraines, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia and more! 19 doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me but I found all my neuro problems and weird symptoms WERE related. They were caused by excitotoxins! Excitotoxins are food additives or substances often found in synthetic fragrance that make nerves rapid fire. These can have a delayed reaction, so unless you know all excitotoxin ingredient names, it’s hard to connect the dots! Most neurological drugs block glutamate-an excitotoxin! So in summary, I should have a spinal cord implant to control pain, but instead changed my diet!

If you are local and I know you, or a friend of a friend and not a serial killer, I would love to help your family make the switch to real food! I have personally taken people shopping, created menus, and snooped though their cupboards to help them change problem areas in a manageable way.

And I know how to get kids to eat real food!

Cancer coaching! I have extensive knowledge and personal experience navigating the holistic cancer world. Whether you are doing conventional treatment or holistic, there are sooooooooooo many things you can do to increase your odds of thriving!

Because we saw a difference so quickly in Casey’s tumor, I seem to have an obsession with foods that target cancer cells! I have created a database to document how foods affect cancer pathways, synergy between foods, and studies to support these facts! As a client, you will get access to this database shown below and I will show you how to use it!

This could REALLY help you!

Confused about diet? There are a lot of people recommending different things these days. To sort things out I have made a database of survivors, color coded by diet with that they did and years lived. This is really helpful! You can see if anyone else has your type of cancer and what they did, but most importantly, you can see there are some very common overlapping strategies to long term cancer survivors and there is A LOT OF HOPE!!!! Some of these recoveries are really fantastic and carried me through when I was scared.

Why not learn from the people who found their cure???

If you would like my help, the fee is $100/hr first individual consult. $50 for additional individual one hour consults. I had to start charging people because helping was taking up my entire day, and work and family time suffered. This is a way for me to help you and you to help me by supporting Casey’s supplement fund. I would really LOVE to get connected to a local cancer non-profit so that people could donate towards consultations. It’s my goal for my services to be paid for by someone other than the cancer patient.

I am also working on a option for group coaching $30/month 4 sessions. If you are interested in group coaching send me an email with subject title (Group coaching/cancer group OR lifestyle changes group).

Email ( or message me on my Adventures with Jodi FB page for the scheduling link.