Betulinic Acid!

A study shows Betulinic acid has been found to kill colorectal cancer stem cells!

 “Here we show that BetA induces rapid cell death in ALL colon CSCs tested and is able to affect the CSCs directly as shown, via the loss of clonogenic capacity. Similar results were observed with inhibition of SCD-1, suggesting that SCD-1 activity is indeed a vulnerable link in colon CSCs and can be considered an ideal target for therapy in colon cancer

What is butulinic acid? It’s a natural compound commonly found in abundance in Birch tree bark! What else does Birch tree bark contain? Salicylates aka aspirin, another substance that inhibits cancer.

Butulinic acid is also found in the Chaga mushroom and here is an article that contains more natural sources of butulinic acid.

Pssssssst… the cure is all around us!

Butulinic acid inhbits SCD-1. What is SCD-1? Steroyl-CoA Desaturase 1 aka SCD-1 or SCD1, is an enzyme that converts saturated fatty acids into unsaturated fatty acids and is over expressed in tumor cells. Saturated fat strongly induces SCD1.

What about other types of cancer?

Study-SCD1 keeps ovarian cells from dying.

Study-SCD1 overexpression functions as an oncogene in lung cancer and predicts a poor clinical outcome.

Study-SCD1 promotes Glioblastoma.

I also found many articles/studies on Birch bark and melanoma!

Try searching your type of cancer and see what information you get!