Amazing Self Published Books about Cancer!

If you have a self published book related to cancer-contact me and I’ll add it to this list.

For anyone reading this, most self published authors lose a lot of money and time trying to help others. For instance, my book costs thousands to be edited, formatted etc. Then I have to charge $25 to sell it because it costs $11 to print, then there’s website fees, Amazon fees, and when it’s all said and done, I lose about $1 per book.


This book was sent to me a year ago. I LOVED It, and we did some remodeling recently and it was tucked away in a “safe” spot where it was forgotten. I recently found and finished it!

This book spoke to me because of the the simplicity of his diet and use of God’s pharmacy. It’s a REALLY motivating easy to read book! Dave is currently working on a website, I’ll be sure to attach a link when it’s done. For now, send money to God’s Publishing (P.O. box 22, Botkins, OH 45306)