Black Raspberries vs Cancer!

In study in 2016 found that black raspberries inhibit a broad range of cancers including oral, esophageal, colon, breast and skin cancer and are associated with decreased tumor proliferation, decreased angiogenesis (blood supply to tumor) and inflammation and increased apoptosis or cell death.

They even found that treatment with black raspberries (BRB) could cause histologic regression of oral neoplasia and improved grade! In the colon they found BRB inhibited FAP-associated polyp progression , demethylated tumor suppressor genes and improved plasma cytokine profiles!

BRB studies commonly show anti-proliferative effect on tumors, anti-inflammatory effects, reduced oxidative stress and the ability to restore tumor suppressive activity!


  • High consumption of fruit is strongly protective against head and neck cancer.
  • Maximum concentrations of ellagic acid (a bioactive component of BRB occured at 1-2 hours in plasma, 30 minutes to 4 hours in urine.
  • BRB metabolites modify cellular adhesion. Think pectin!

Even topical BRB gel reduced inflammation and restored function to tumor supressor genes!

Back to colon cancer, BRB even significantly reduced the formation of chemically induced colon tumors!!!! That’s great, as we are living in a toxic world!