Methionine Restriction, KRAS and P53 mutations!

I saw an interesting article today that mentioned methionine restriction and cancer!

The article cites a new study where researchers used methionine restriction to test two types of cancer normally resistant to treatment!

They discovered it slowed the growth of cancers normally resistant to treatment!

“Methionine restriction produced therapeutic responses in two patient-derived xenograft models of chemotherapy-resistant RAS-driven colorectal cancer, and in a mouse model of autochthonous soft-tissue sarcoma driven by a G12D mutation in KRAS and knockout of p53 (KrasG12D/+;Trp53−/−) that is resistant to radiation.”

Next, they used a chemotherapy drug in combination with a methionine restricted diet. They used a dose so low it should not have caused the tumor to shrink. The low methionine diet combined with low dose chemo led to a “marked inhibition of tumor growth!”

So by restricting methionine, they able to use a fraction of the amount of chemo to achieve a big result!!!! YES!

Where is methionine found? Many foods contain methionine, but meat and eggs contain particularly high levels.

Methionine restriction was part of our protocol. There are many studies that show methionine fuels cancer growth and that some tumors are dependent on it to survive.