Purple Potatoes are Anti-Cancer!

Just dug up the most BEAUTIFUL potatoes worthy of getting out my macro lens! ?

After seeing the deep purple of my potatoes I wondered if they had any cancer fighting power? Turns out purple potatoes kill colon cancer stem cells!! According to this study

There may be several substances in purple potatoes that work simultaneously on multiple pathways to help kill the colon cancer stem cells, including anthocyanins and chlorogenic acid, and resistant starch.”

Chlorogenic acid is an insulin sensitizer that potentiates insulin action similar to the therapeutic action of metformin. It slows the release of glucose absorbed in the bloodstream after a meal!

Also important-

“Our earlier work and other research studies suggest that potatoes, including purple potatoes, contain resistant starch, which serves as a food for the gut bacteria, that the bacteria can covert to beneficial short-chain fatty acids such as butyric acid,” The butyric acid regulates immune function in the gut, suppresses chronic inflammation and may also help to cause cancer cells to self-destruct.”

Butric acid is VERY important in colorectal cancer! Butyrate is known to have substantial anti-tumorigenic properties, including the ability to inhibit tumor cell proliferation!

In another study using pigs researchers found that supplementing a high-calorie diet (HCD) with purple potatoes led to a reduced levels of interleukin-6 (IL-6), a pro-inflammatory protein that studies have shown can promote colon cancer!

IL-6 tells cancer cells to grow, grow, GROW!! And is anti-apoptotic, meaning it tells them to keep living, and not to die at a normal cell lifespan.

Conclusion- be inspired to plant these because organic blue potatoes are hard to find!