Cancer cells arise from bacteria?

I’ve been researching the relationship between bacteria and cancer ever since I found out about Fusobacterium and colorectal cancer.

It seems that every cancer type has an association with certain pathogenic bacteria.

Today I found a study on bacteria being the cause of cancer in general. It said bacteria is the mechanism that causes the genetic mutations and metobolic changes within the cell to create cancer which is the opposite of the conventional thought that genetic mutuations and metabolic changes cause cancer.

IMPORTANT! They proved that normal cells with no intracellular bacteria can not “transform” into cancer cells in any conditions!!!!!!!!!!

BOCC (Bacteria origin of cancer cells) theory:

(1) cancer cells are new single-celled eukaryotes, which is why the hallmarks of cancer are mostly the characteristics of protists (single cell organism)

(2) genetic changes and instabilities are NOT the causes, but the consequences of cancer cell formation. Cancer cell behavior is very similar to protists like the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It produces energy via aerobic fermentation called “Crabtree effect.” It can invade immune destruction, maybe because cancer-causing bacteria have already developed strategies to evade immune system to survive and return, the bacteria-derived cancer cells acquire the capability to evade immune destruction.

Many substances kill single cell organisms: artemisinin, clove, garlic, black seed oil and more!

There are at least three herbs in Jim Gorgan’s Rainforest Herb protocol that kill single cell organisms including mycobacterium which is a tough one to kill!