Mycobacterium, IBD, Crohns and Colorectal Cancer and Jim Gordon!

We already know Fusobacterium is implicated in colon cancer but Mycobacterium may be too! Study here!

Turns out, Mycobacterium can be a cause for ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and colorectal cancer.

Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis  or MAP organisms have been identified in the intestines of patients with sporadic colorectal cancer!

MAP invades intestinal goblet cells and causes acute and chronic goblet cell hyperplasia. Goblet cell hyperplasia (increased production of cells) is the first sign of a lesion of colorectal cancer which leads to adenomas and abnormal cells.

And this!!! Here is a case study on TB (Mycobacterium TB) that mimics colorectal cancer.

Which brings me to Jim Gordon. He’s a Stage 4 survivor of Kidney cancer. What is implicated in kidney cancer? Strangely TB has been shown to mimic or have an association with many cancers.

Jim took 7 herbs to heal himself of cancer. Some of the herbs he took kill TB such as Passionflower, Anamu, Bitter Melon, Pau D’arco, Chanca Piedra.

This is from his FB page. He details what he took, when and where to get it.

1. Brand piping rock, Chanca Piedra # 8870
2. Brand piping rock, Anamu #40095
3. Brand, piping rock, Wormwood #5822
4. Brand, piping rock, Graviola @ piping rock #6071
5. Brand, piping rock, cats claw order# 3062 
6. Brand, piping rock, paud’arco, order# 3621
7. Brand, piping rock, Passion Flower, order# 6041(to lower bad estrogen & not the good or help sleep).

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I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW TO TAKE THESE HERBS BY LAW, but I can tell you how I took them. I did 9 caps at breakfast, 9 caps at lunch and 9 capsules at dinner, for a grand total of 9 x 3=27 capsules a day. Now remember I had stage 4 cancer that is why I took this many, but now that my last CT said I was cancer free I’m now only taking 9 caps total a day just to keep the cancer at bay. And if you have estrogen fed cancer add one capsule of passion flower at each meal too.”

I asked Jim if he changed his diet. He said he just eats organic now.